Waiter: The gentleman's waiting for the lady over here-- Dora: Wait, Boss.  I-I'm not ready what if he is...disappointed in what I've become? Mindmistress: Then he's an idiot. But Rusty'll love you.Rusty: Wow. Just wow. Dora: Th-Thanks. Mindmistress: You clean up well, Rusty. Rusty: Thanks, Mi--Sophia. And thanks for all you've done--for both of us. Let me get your chair, Vicki-- Dora: Dora.  Rusty: Dora. Right.

Rusty: Wow. This is like one of those dates--where you've met someone on line--but never met them in the flesh--until now. Dora: Disappointed? Lorelei: And on that note...Mindmistress: --I'll leave you two. Dora: Seeya. Rusty: Hungry? Dora: Ravenous. But I don't know what to order. Dora: Yeah. You're pretty new at this. If I might suggest-- Dora: Please.  I want your...suggestions.



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