Mindmistress: Boy, I've been looking for you for months---crossing realities at will---causing places you stay--to become reality-crossroads--judging by Scooby Dragon there. Stewart: --That's Stewart! Uh---Scooby rooby roo?MindmistressL This bridle---this saddle---lets me track you anywhere--in all creation--even facting--the Grim Reaper?  Death/Steve: Call me Steve. I'm just here for the party.  Mindmistress: Party? Hmmm. Why not?

Mindmistress: But it's an old-timey Western town---that horse can travel in time, too? One thing about illusion-casting...it's easy to get dressed. Fox: Foxy. Mindmistress: I guess you'd know...Mindmistress: After all, I like to see what beings show up at these cross-continuum gatherings...and someone just might say... Voice: Who was that masked woman? Mindmistress: Thank you. Happy Halloween, everyone.

If you click on the first panel, it will take you to MAGICAL MISFITS, where STewart the Dragon comes from. If you click on the second panel, it will take you to LIFE AND DEATH, where a very untypical Grim Reaper resides. If you click on the third panel, it will take you to the HEY,FOX anthromorphic animal strip. If you click on the fourth panel, it will take you to THE HALLOWEEN CAMEO CAPER 2006, the interdimensional "party" set in the quaint Western town of Shelterville, that Mindmistress is crashing. The horse that can traverse the multiverse, space, and time, shown in the first two panels has appeared before, here and here, and will be very important to a later storyline.




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