Announcer: Now...Ash Drake at the piano. Ash (Caption): Five years. Five years of benefit concerts for the Drake Home for Assisted Living.  My Mom's lifework---to give my uncle---a home.Ash (Caption): Mom wanted him to stay at a good place...but he was too mentally handicapped to live alone.  She started the home---taking those with retardation, Downs, and autism.

Ash (Caption): --Plaing Seve Winwood's 'Higher Love'--I recall being the only normal/gifted one in the home. I taught Lego Bowman to drive...Lorelei Lyons pet-training...missing Troy...and my uncle.Ash: So...L.A.'s doing a good job running the home?  Lorelei: Yeah. Almost as good as Charlene---your Mom. Of course, I'm not living there anymore...  Ace:I'm proud of you, Loreliei.




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