Ashley (Caption): A month later...just finishing an album...I got an...odd proposal. Ash: What? How much?  Ashley (Caption): A very generous proposal...from a researcher who claimed to be connected with Lorelei.Mindmistress: Mr. Drake?  Glad you called...yes.  The offer was in earnest--a new form of music--of art-- as a reknowned composer and songwrier-- your opinion would be-- invaluable.

Mindmistress: Glad to meet you, Mr. Drake.  I enjoyed  your 'dreamwind' album. Ash: Call me Ashley---Ash.  Mindmistress: I'm Sophia.....continuing Lorelei's mother's neurological research...I wanted your opinion as a musician..Mindmistress: --On this! Ash: ?How's it work?  Mindmistress: It directly stimulates your sensory centers in the brain.  Music without sound.  Images without light.  Touch.  Smell.  All directly into your brain.  The Sensoritar.




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