Ash: So...what do I do? Mindmistress:  You sit in this darkened room...and give it happens...your honest reaction.   Ash: Honest about music?  That I can do.Ash: Um. A glowing, spinning ball of emerald green has appeared. I smell---taste...limes. Far-off flutes are skin just before an electric storm.

Ash: Now the sphere has become two intertwinced snakes uncoiling...very, very lifelike...the music has become saxophones moeaning low...the smell--the'm vertigo...Ash: The snakes are flying---slithering around me. I can feel the snake against the back of my neck.  The smell---taste-- like... jalepenos.  Mindmistress: Realistic?  Ash:  Uncannily...disturbingly so.  Mindmistress: Excellent.




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