Editor: Sorry, but Emo comics doesn't do superheroes...however--Lorelei--a young woman struggling against her handicap--that might make an interesting series... Mindmistress: Defeating my purpose--but thanks. --And--forget.Mindmistress: Fascinating, edgy exploration of vigilantism. ---But too soon after 9/11, for a superhero story about 'executing' the British Prime Minister and Queen. --Especially by an American writer. --Give it a few years-- forget.

Mindmistress: Brilliant. Rotting, zombie superheroes as metaphor...for the decaying, cannibalistic, American comics scene.  Artist: M-metaphor? Mindmstress: You...didn't intend this as...metaphor? You just like...zombies. Superheroes. Forget. Please.Mindmistress: Forget it.  I still think it's a good idea...hey, why the laughter? Vicki: Haha--* Sorry, boss. I was reading Sinfest--also, this new comic, Something Positive...saaaayyy... how about... webcomics?




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