Artist: Fan service builds readership... Mindmistress: It amazes me...these days, any possible porn---any sexual just an internet click away. Yet some still obsess about...panty shots?Mindmistress: Even in the relatively prudish USA---Victoria's Secret models strut on prime time TV in lingerie...some people never outgrow 'I see england, I see France--- Artist2: Then---it's okay? Mindmistress: No. It's just...sad.

Artist2: Well, if you have a problem with that---dojinshi--fanart-- is a tradition here in Japan-- most dojinshi is a loving tribute--but some-- Mindmistress: I'd have problems with.Artist2: We're less possessive towards copyrighted characters here--- many manga artists were once dojinshi artists. I'm sorry you find this--offensive? Humiliating? Degarding?  Mindmistress: All of the above? ---But mostly--utterly idiotic.

Artist3: Idiotic?  Mindmistress: Hello? Armor? That cthulhuoid cephalopod Casanova'd bruise and bend his hectocotylus trying to-- Artist3: Uh...hectowhatsis?  Mindmistress: Hectocotylus.  A specialized 'arm' that inserts spermatomophore into cephalopod females' mantle cavity.  Artist3: Uh...arm?Mindmistress: Keep up.  Tentacles're longer than arms---only having suckers at their tips.  Octopi've eight arms, not tentacles---despite popular usage.  Squids've eight arms and two tentacles.  Artist3:'s really...arm porn...?

Mindmistress: Those chains couldn't hold my exoskeletal armor. Here's what I'd do to soft, boneless flesh...octopus males die a few months after mating anyway... Artist4: Gross.  Mindmistress: Gross? Interesting...revealing...response.Mindmistress: You'll excuse...maybe secretely *fap*fap*fap* to...'my' being...tortured...multiply molested..defiled. Artist4: ...Well... Mindmistress: But a male monster's...ah...dismemberment. I'm gone. And so are your...recent memories.




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