Mindmistress: ...Hoping, after Miracle, for more understanding at PC/PR Comics... Leo Daniels: Interesting proposition. Frank Venus'll outline one possible approach--- then creative genuis Miles Aaron will explore another.  Mindmistress: Thanks, Mr. Daniels.  Leo Daniels: Leo.  Venus: This'll sell...Mindmistress: Uh...why am 'I' lying limp on the ground...?  Venus: I'm trying to make you memorable.  Superheroines traditionally don't sell well. ...But as part of a hero's origin...it'd work.

Venus: See, he'll find 'your' violated and multiply-stabbed body in a... Mindmistress: ...Refrigerator? Venus: How'd you know--? Mindmistress: Lucky guess. Venus: 'Your' lover will vow to avenge your death and become--- Mindmaster!  Mindmistress: Whoopee.Venus:  Something wrong?  Mindmistress: Let's see...I've become a supporting character/motivation in someone else's origin...involving 'my' rape---multiple stabwounds--stuffed into a refrigerator like cold cuts-- what could be wrong?

Mindmistress: Mr. Aaron, I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your past...work... Miles Aaron: Sluts sluts sluts... Mindmistress: Uh...excuse me?  Miles Aaron: I'll intorduce 'you' as a guest in All-Ultimate Mystery... Mindmistress: French...lingerie?Miles Aaron: See, I like the retard angle--she's selling her body because she has no other skills--sluts sluts sluts---Mystery'll say, 'What're you, retarded? I'm the motherf**king Mystery!' Ironic right? Hey, why the face?

Miles Aaron: ...Then Mystery'll shove the frightened, traumatized girl into his lair...great, over-the-top writing, eh?  Mindmistress: I'll notify the Nobel Prize committee...Miles Aaron: You....don't...like it??  Mindmistress: The only thing creepier and sicker...Mindmistress: Mindmistress: ...Would be it happening to a taumatized child rather than an adult. Miles Aaron: Come now. That wouldn't be edgy---that'd be sick.  Mindmistress: Suppose so.  Miles Aaron: Well, there's always Hollywood... Mindmistress: Kill me now.




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