Mindmistress: Well?? Coffey: Hey, you come to us---we know what sells.  Mindmistress: The whole point--was if people saw me--I'd look like a fictional superhero-- disbelieved in!  ---But if said superhero resembles a stripper--Coffey: Sure you won't reconsider--? Bert Truepasture.  The 'hot' nineties' artist, drew this profile-- Mindmistress: A...thong.  How...'tasteful'.  Waist the size of 'my' wrist--- boobs bigger than 'my' head--?  Basic anatomy.  Study it.

Mindmistress: Anatomical excesses aside--what kind of bimbo would go into battle with almost no armor or shielding?  --And where I would 'I' get 'my' enhanced strength? Artist: The garters.Artist: The garter're really 'patches'---like nicotine patches---only they feed strength-multiplying chemicals into her bloodstream--  Mindmistress: Oboy.  I'll pretend I didn't hear that--you guys created Scarlet Rhonda's chain-mail bikini, right?

Writer: Look, this mentally retarded alter ego--? No.  Mindmistress: No?  Writer: Too many peole might take offence---too sensitive a subject---maybe someone who's just not bright--? I know! A cheerleader!  Mindmistress: Rrrhrrr...Coffey: Y'gotta remember this is a corporate culture---they're afraid to offend---they have to keep it 'PC'. Mindmistress: Portraying someone mentally challenged--is more offensive than that dental floss/thong?

Coffey: Uh...well...it's harder to portray a 'slow learner' right.  It's riskier--someone'll take offense... Mindmistress: Like they're 'offended' by Lennie in Of Mice and Men...Charlie Gordon in Flowers For Algernon.Mindmistress: Forget it. Bad idea.  Forget it all---my visit. My presence. Any story ideas derived from what I've told you. Good riddence.  Artist: Wow.  Cool superbabe drawing.  Name--?  Coffey: Huh? Uh...the Silver Siren.




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