Coffey: Well, well...Jack Fox, all the way from California, gracing us with his's the movie coming--?  Fox: S'right, Coffey. Who's the babe in the battle-armor?  Coffee and artist: Huh?? Mindmistress: Gentleman.  Call me---Mindmistress.Coffey: Okay, let me get this straight--you're really...superhuman. Mindmistress: Essentially.  Coffey: You want us chronicling your adventures so everyone'll think you're fictional, like our other characters.  *Sigh* Why did I become editor-in-chief?

Quentin Coffey: What about secrecy?  Even if we change character names---why trust us? Mindmistress: I know a lot: For instance: Quentin Coffey---editor-in-chief--born June first, 1964, here in NYC. --Besides--Mindmistress: So you'll forget this afterwards---but keep the story ideas. Wow. You helped create Miracle Comics---what does Jack Fox think.  Alliterative names in both identities--easier to remember.

Coffey: Uh...right, Jack. What about you? Galen Norris, British graphic novel wunderkind--idea's called Mindmistress... Norris: --About a psychic call girl who does telekinetic brain sald surgery?  Coffey:  Coffey: Pity. I'll pass, thanks.Coffey: We'll do some concept sketches--now, we may make minor changes--to make the idea more marketable.  Mindmistress: Understood.  Artist1: Model after the pale princess in extraordinary ones-- Artist 2: Gotcha.

Artist: Here we go.  We changed the hair color to a more exotic blue---goggles instead of eyeholes--changed the costume--to appeal to our key demographic-- Mindmistress: Demographic? You mean--Mindmistress: Namely, horny teenage boys---and--dirty old men/fanboys. Are. You. Insane!!?? I don't mind photoreferncing--but open mouth porn models? An outfit inspired by exotic dancers?? Coffey: Minor changes-- Mindmistress: Minor? Minor??




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