Caption: January 2002.  Reporter: Maybe that armored woman isn't on the tape...I saw her. The cameraman saw her. She'ds real. I'll find her. Vicki: Trouble? Mindmistress: Later, maybe. Too many people know...Mindmistress: My father...his kidnappers...the SWAT team that rescued him--Bloodlust...that TV-reporter and cameraman...all know Mindmistress'...real. Someday... Vicki: Front page? Mindmistress: I must develop reasons to disbelieve...

Vicki: Looking like a comic book superheroine isn't enough?  Mindmistress: Hmmm.  Purloined Letter principle.  Hide in plain sight.  Where do you hide a real superhuman?  Among dozens of fictional--superhumans.  Vicki: Boss?Vicki: Wow...thousands of pedestrians...irnoring you.  Mindmistress: Clouding men's midns...invisible. Inaudible.  Vicki: The 'catwalk' work okay, boss? Mindmistress: Yes. Atlanta to New ?York City in seconds. Miracle Comics.




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