Catastrophe: Four thousand miles straight up---are all the people who laughed at you--mocked you--sneered at you. Your new bodies are immensely powerful. You could crush them--like ants.Catastrophe (Caption): It won't be easy.  Four thousand miles. There are masses the dize of continents floating on magma, between you and the surface.  It'll take months---but you have--time.

Alvin: You're some kind'a holo--holowhatsis--like Princess Leia appearin' form the droid in Star Wars. Catastrophe: An interactive hologram-program simulating Dr. Catastrophe's personality, actually.  Alvin: Oh. Right. Sure.  Catastrophe: About revenge...Clyde: Sure y'know th'way, Alvin?  Alvin: Sure. Like a compass inside me...pointin' up! Can't get hungry--or tired--we'll get back...I'll make pretty--smugg--unforgivin' --Lorelei pay!




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