Bowman: Appreciate your coming here, Dr. Archer--my own doctor wouldn't leave America.  Dr. Archer: A tropical vacation?  No problem.  And it's Ray.  Bowman: Okay, Ray...Doctor Daniels picking you means a lot.Dr. Archer: Your vitals seem fine, all things considered.  Bowman: Good. So how do you know Dr. Daniels?  Bowman: She maintains a special community called Mindmist in Florida.  I'm their medical advisor.

Dr. Archer: Daniels emailed about your special periodic treatments--asked me to bring this bag--open only in emergencies.  Bowman: Bag.  Right.  Dr. Archer: Thought your cew'd need my sister, too-- Bowman: Your sister?Dr. Archer (Capt.): A hunter and wildlife expert--right now Cynthia's assisting your security advisor.  Bloodlust: Can't believe it--you're as good a shot as I am.  Cynthia Archer: Better--with a rifle! Hah! Bullseye.



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