Bloodlust (Caption): Lake Toba's the deepest lake in the world--sixteen hundred feet.  The kids around here often swim starkers.  Too bad Lyon's dimwitted but delisiously-derriered daughter...doesn't do likewise.Lorelei: Hahah!! You splashed me on purpose!  Steed: Naturally.  After all, who first taught you to swim?  Lorelei: Mom.  Steed: She taught you to dog paddle.  I taught you to really swim.  Let's race.

Lorelei: You're Daddy's age--an' I'm on Atlanta's special 'lympics swim team!  Steed: That'll make it even more embarassing--when your old, deprepit 'Uncle' Dylan beats you!  Lorelei: Yeah?  We'll see about that...Bloodlust (Caption): is my job to keep track of the visitors.  And since...both Lyons and his daughter can identify me as the wanted fugitive, Bloodlust--from a distance.



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