Bloodlust (Caption): Of course, I don't watch them every second. Sometimes I have my own business to take care of. Business in Tuk Tuk.  Business with the Weavers.Weaver1: Well, well--Mister March.  Or do you prefer--Bloodlust? Bloodlust: Ladies.  Call me...impatient.  Is the passport ready?  Weaver2: Depends. Did you take care of that...little matter?

Bloodlust: Those three punks who tried to shake you down? In pieces--buried under corpseflowers. Appropriate, no?  Weaver2: Here you go. Passport. Credit cards.  Social Security card. Your next identity.Bloodlust: Still the best forgers in Indonesia, ladies. I'm impressed.  Weaver2: As are we. Most visitors think the Indonesian corpseflower--smelling like rotting meat to attract insects--a nauseating curiosity.

Weaver3: You made it the perfect cover--for disposing of bodies.  Simple yet elegant use of the bunga bangkai--the corpseflower.  Bloodlust: What can I say?  Natural talent.



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