Bloodlust: Okay, whatever you are--stay back!!  Lorelei: Don't shoot!  It won't stop 'em!  Bloodlust: What are they? They know your name--you must know something about them!  Lorelei: Before...someone controlled 'em.Bloodlust: Uh oh. Rounds not even ricocheting...they're...flattening?  Unstop1/Alvin: Lorelei---no one's controlling us.  I know you can't reco'nize me...but I'm Alvin.  Alvin Ness.  I died.  I escaped hell!

Lorelei: Alvin??'re not dead!  You're inna coma-- but I just visited you last week!  Unstop1/Alvin: Alive?  I'm...alive?  But Cat'strophe said... Lorelei:  Cat'strophe?  Dr. Cat-a-strophe?  He tricked you, Alvin...Unstop1/Alvin:  You're lyin'...confusin' me...again.  Bloodlust: I don't understand any of this...but...sounds like you two have a lot to catch up on...this'll ensure she stays!



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