Bloodlust (Caption): Now to run like crazy... Alvin/Unstop1: Get rid of that pest--I'll watch Lorelei-- also, signal the others.  Unstop2: Right!  Bloodlust (Caption): Oh, great.  Would it help if I said 'Klaatu veradu nictu'?Bloodlust (Caption): Outgunned.  Outmatched.  Basic broken field running.  Use the available terrain.  Slide down this hill---as he--it's--coming up to it. Now to find cover.  Fast.

Bloodlust (Caption): Huh?? It worked?  He--it--passed right over me.  A five-year old would have stopped and checked the shadows.  These things may be powerful--but they seem pretty dumb.Bloodlust (Capt.): There's my van where I left it--when I was just acting to find a missing guest. My special van. I need more firepower.  The type that Bloodlust excels in.



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