Bloodlust (Capt.): What was that?  Someone else's here. Whooo.  What did I dirnk last night?  Slowly. Slowly. The gun's under the pillow. Maybe I'll be lucky.  Maybe it's the CIA.Bloodlust (Caption): No such luck.  Female form with a staff.  Has to be her. Bloodlust: You won't get me without a fight! Bloodlust (Caption): Empty words. That weird field will protect her against bullets--

Dawn: Wait! It's just me, Wolf! Bloodlust: Dawn?? Oh. Right. Last night...that bar. Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Why the mop?  Dawn: Went to the bathroom. Accidentally knocked over your cologne. So...mop.Dawn: What's wrong? I'm a big girl. I know you're not a saint.  Who're you expecting?  Cia?  Mossad?  Al-Qaeda? Bloodlust: I wish.  The smartest, most dangerous person alive-- is hunting me.



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