Bloodlust (Capt.): Up at five. An hour and a half of exercise.  Two hous at my personal firing range. I can't get out of shape.  I'm still the world's finest mercenary.Les Hill: Jules Romulus? Bloodlust: Right.  You're Bowman's personal assistant?  Hill: Yes. Les Hill. ?You com highly recommended--for someone with no history.  'Jules Romulus.'  Why the alias? Who are you hiding from?

Bloodlust: My business. Half my fee deposited in Zurich? Hill: As per our agreement. Sign here. Bloodlust: There he is. The tragic Dan Bowman.  Killed his wife and kids while driving drunk.Bloodlust: Survived--but had spinal damage that put an end to his movie career. Hill: You don't like him. Bloodlust: I don't like a lot of people. I'll still guard him--keep him safe.



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