Bloodlust: Where is she?  Mindmistress has to be behind these robots. Who else coudl build such advanced robots?  Alvin/Unstop1: Stop!! Bloodlust: Although these robots--act like people.  Pretty dumb people, but...Bloodlust (Capt.): The Lyons daughter--Lorelei--got away.  She'll tell her father. He'll tell the authorities. Alvin/Unstop1: Hold still!!  Bloodlust: Not suicidal, thanks.  Bloodlust (Capt.): Then Mindmistress'll be here...if she'd not here already.

Bloodlust (Caption): She swore she'd get me. The worst fate even she could devise.  She was deadly serious.  Maybe I shoudl let these things squash me.  If they don't get me...mindmistress will.Mindmistress: Vicki. How much longer--?  Vicki: Two minutes longer for the catwalk to form, Boss.  Mindmistress: Suit and staff at the ready.  I've finally found him.  I'm not leaving...just getting...prepared.



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