Alvin/Unstop1: We'll get you now.  My friend's back.  Unstop2: Watch it.  He's tricky.  Bloodlust (Caption): I finally lure one in range of my new weapons...but two at once??  I need a distraction...Cynthia: Well, this is...weird...our scurity head in bright red football gear?  And who are the tin cans? Bloodlust (Capt.):Cynthia.  That'll work.  Bloodlust: O great white hunter-- these are tonight's targets.

Bloodlust (Caption): Localized microwave bursts from both rod and shield're designed to fry electrical systems.  Larger systems would blackout whole cities.  Cynthia: Uh-oh. Bulletproof.  Alvin/Unstop1: Uhh!! Bloodlust (Caption): Hoped to fry Mindmistress' armor--robots'll do.Bloodlust: Cynthia. Go.  Protect the others.  I've got this.  Cynthia: Noble? Self-sacrificing.  Not your style.  Bloodlust: Pride. I was hired as secuirty.  If word gets out that I couldn't deliver.  I'm finished.



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