Alvin/Unstop1: Nice weapons you have there---it almost...hurt.  Too bad you have t'be close t'me to use 'em.  Told you I'd squash you--like a bug! Bloodlust (Caption): Options?Bloodlust (Capt.):Not enough time to prime the rocket launcher to shatter that huge rock.  No time to evade.  This is--it?  Her???  She's...saving me??  Mindmistress: Shhh.  Bloodlust: The robots aren't hers?

Alvin/Unstop1: That'll show 'em. He shouldn'ta crossed me.  Alvin Ness won't be made fun o' any more!  From now on I give the orders!  Smart guys'll listen t'me!!Bloodlust (Capt.): She's finally caught up to me.  She swore to make me suffer for what I've done.  Yet she's just looking up--at that--thing.  Mindmistress: Okay, Bloodloss.  The coast's clear.



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