Bloodlust: Okay.  What's going on?  What are those things?  Mindmistress: Robots.  From far away. the minds of mentally challenged criminals.  In increibly dense neutronium shells.  Bloodlust: Old friends?Mindmistress (Capt.): Afraid so.  The real problem is there are nine more deep underground.  Nine more summoned.  Nine approaching. Each weiging as much as a mountain range.  Two caused this earthquake.

Mindmistress (Capt.): Eleven might cause the supervolcano underneath Lake Toba to erupt again.  Covering Asia inches deep in ash--bringing about a 'volcanic winter'. The vast majority of mankind might die--again.Bloodlust: That's horrifying. You'll need help.  So...what's in it for me?  Mindmistress: Survival as a species in that chaos?  Bloodlust: Chaos?  Disasters?  I'll survive. Thrive. Mindmistress: Yes.  Cockroaches're good at...surviving.



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