Bloodlust: In fact, with my new weapons...  Mindmistress: Ah, yes.  One of the last weapons developed by the Mimir Institute's old management--made to deaden my armor's electrical systems.  Bloodlust: Right.  Wait...Bloodlust: You're not...attacking?  Mindmistress: And have you deaden my systems?  Be a perfect target?  Bloodlust: You can't pull mind-tricks on me; my visor protects me.  Mindmistress: I remember.  Bloodlust: So you' up?

Mindmistress: Not exactly.  Bloodlust: Hey!!! Bloodlust (Capt.): Then something grabbed the armband that generated a microwave shield plus the microwave lance.   Inhumanly fast.  Not a robot.  Not exoskeletal armor.  Both would've shorted out.  Startlingly fast. Crazy strong.Bloodlust: Before I could blink, I was eating dirt--held down like an infant by a giant.  Mindmistress: Bloodlust, meet Forceful.  He's borrowing your new toys.  Nothing personal.  He's just...very, very--maneuverable.



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