Bloodlust: He's...leaping?  Over the trees?? So...if I help you, will you let me off that terrible revenge you've planned? Mindmistress: No.  It's still coming.  Bloodlust: What? Then why should I...?  Mindmistress: Listen carefully.Mindmistress: There's no excuse for what you did.  No pardon.  Your choice's simple. Either your punishment begins now...or after all this.  Trust me.  You really want to delay this. Bloodlust: Eep.

Mindmistress:  If you delay...I might be killed. You might be killed.  You might elude me...again.  Any alternative you escape. Bloodlust: Death' escape? Mindmistress: Compared to what I have planned?  Yes.Bloodlust: Ypou know you've given me an incentive to... Mindmistress: Watch my back?  Sure.  I'm under no illusions about your...trustworthiness.  Bloodlust: At least...this way there's a chance.  Mindmistress: Yes. A slim one.



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