Mindmistress:  First order of business...make sure nobody else is harmed.  Bloodlust: My helmet's in sunc with my cellphone--I'm going to call some of my 'security assistants'. Cynthia.  How's everybody doing.Cynthia: No fatalities.  A lot of damage.  Elecrical lines are down--Mr. Lyons' trying to start the emergency generator.  Prudence Lyons: You and your vacations. Lyons: Almost got it---where's Lorelei?

Harold: Well...Dr. Archer's okay...he seems to know what hapened to Dan Bowman...but...he's not talking.  Dr. Archer: He's...never been better. Other than that...you really wouldn't believe me, Harold. Harold: Bizarre.

Bloodlust:  Most're accounted for.  Nobody knows where Steed is--Dr. Archer says Bowman's safe but won't say where--Lyons' daughter fled thataway.  Mindmistress:Bowman? Lyons' daughter? Safe.  Steed? We need him.



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