My flame thrower's useless against someone who swims in let's try the other extreme....suck liquid nitrogen. Bloodlust (Capt.): I use it to cool my weapons systems. But sometimes...Bloodlust (Caption): I divert part of it as a deadly deepfreeze!  Two seconds. I actually let myself hope, then.... Bloodlust: Unhh!! Alvin/Unstop1: I didn't even get frostbite, jerk!  You can't hurt me...anymore.

Alvin/Unstop1: Run! Run!! I'll get higher--than drop on you like a toon anvil in a Roadrunner 'toon...I'll...I'll...what? Bloodlust (Caption): I run for higher ground. No real strategy--just...evade. Bloodlust (Capt.):  It turns out...that was the best thing I could've done. Unstop1/Alvin: Yahhh!! Bloodlust: A tidal wave. A freakin' tidal wave...from a lake?? No way!! How'd she do this??



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