Bloodlust: You . Steed. What. Just. Happened?? Mindmistress: Steed here has a way with...waves. Tidal Wave: And Earth tremors.  Too bad I was night diving in the lake when this one hit.Mindmistress: Steed, there are nine more huge masses moving this way. You can cause tremors. Have you learned to.. suppress them? Tidal Wave: Hopefully.  I've installed a seismological lab--beneath.  I'll try.

Tidal Wave: This dive isn't too high--I'll expect a full explanation--later. Bloodlust: You and me both. Hey!! Doesn't he need scuba gear?  Mindmistress: No.  Trust me.  He's a really good swimmer. Mindmistress: Here come the original two again.  Even a tidal wave can't stop them long. Bloodlust: You going to exit again? Leave me as target again? Mindmistress: No; but it's a temptation, Bloodless.



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