Bloodlust (Capt.): Then---holding my weapons--he came leaping beind them.  Vaulting hundreds of feet in the air.  Unbelievable. Wielding my microwave-focused circuit disrupters in a way I never could.Bloodlust (Capt.): Then--so quick!  He struck, disabling them both! Bloodlust: Forceful, I presume?  Mindmistress: Very good, Bloodloser.  There's hope for you after all. Bloodlust: What is he? Mindmistress: A successful experiment.  Bloodlust: A custom built superhuman.

Bloodlust (Caption): The tin cans dropped into the deep.  (Again.) Yet somehow they're self-repairing.  This's a setback for them--no more.  Funny, the closer the freak got, the more he looked--Bloodlust (Caption): ...Familiar. Bloodlust: Bowman?? But you're-- Forceful: Paralyzed?  I got better.  Looks like we both have secret lives.  Bloodlust (Caption): The worst part? Mindmistress was very sure--I'd never tell anyone--their little secret.



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