Forceful: Real charmer, aren't you?  Not an optaaahhh!! Mindmistress: No soap, bloodlaaahhh!! Bloodlust (Caption): Gas tank next door went off.  Accident?  Of course not. I felt strangely clam--trusting in my armor's protection.Bloodlust (Capt.): Then I was picked up like a little kid--for the second time that night.  I was sick of it.  Alvin: Hunhh.  Where'd the others go? Sneak and fast, those two.

Alvin: We've got you, anyway--you've been pretty annoying...and you might make a good hostage. Bloodlust: Sorry. They could care less about me.  Alvin: I should believe you--why?  Bloodlust: ...Pass.Alvin: This abandoned smokestack'll hold you...don't worry, several feet o'ash at the bottom'll cushion your fall. Bloodlust: Aaaaaaaahh!! Bloodlust (Capt.): A Smokestack. If I blast out, it might collapse on me.



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