Alvin/Unstop1: You'll keep there. My friend'll keep watch for my companions.  Bloodlust: According to--her--you could kill most of humanity by them--emerging. Alvin/Unstop1: The lady in silver said that?Bloodlust: Yeah. Her name's Mindmistress.  Alvin/Unstop1: I suppose if I let all those people die, I'd go to Hell? Bloodlust: Wellll...maybe.  Alvin/Unstop1: Been there. Done that. Escaped.  Got any more threats? Bloodlust: Pass.

Alvin/Unstop1: Mind's different from what they say.  I don't feel pain.  I don't feel...anything.  It's like I'm watching myself move on TV.  Better'n pain...but feels so..empty.Alvin/Unstop1: All my life's been a waste.  Born handicapped---born stupid--caged,'bout t'be killed lieka  mad dog--for one minute o'anger when I --killed--a cop. Living's...overrated.



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