Bloodlust: don't care if just about everybody dies?  No family, huh? Alvin/Unstop1: Huh? No...I've got a mother...a brother in jail for drug dealin'...I...didn't think o'them.Bloodlust: My sister's in jail too, for aiding me--illegal arms dealing--haven't seen her in months--been on the run.  Still--miss the brat.  I don't want her dead.

Alvin/Unstop1: Maybe th'Silver Lady's wrong.  Maybe it's just a lie--t'scare others like me away.  I've spent months swimmin' in lava...I don't want all this disappearin' neither...Bloodlust: killed a cop? Alvin/Unstop1: Ddin't mean to.  Just got so angry.  You ever--? Bloodlust: Hundreds.  Not in anger.  It's an exercise in skill. Death's my bread and butter. My specialty.



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