Bloodlust: Uh! Vicki: Quiet. Don't let on I'm here. Bloodlust: Tinkerbell?  Vicki: No.  Nor the littlest angel.  I'm Vicki--Mindmistress' A.I. ---holographic computer--gal Friday. Alvin/Unstop1:Hell's empty, y'know.Alvin/Unstop1: Never saw a devil--'less it was that white-bearded dude, Catsomethin'.  Never saw 'nother soul but ourselves.  Somehow th'emptiness made it worse. we missed th'stars.

Alvin/Unstop1: There weren't even angels with flamin' swords--stoppin' us.  Ever seen an angel?  Vicki: Shhh.  Bloodlust: I'm...not sure.  Alvin: I thought it was all fairy tales--told by preachders--till I died.Alvin/Unstop1: If I kept goin' up--would I see angels?  All these stars--never saw this many stars back'n'Atlanta.  Can't feel--can't taste--but I can see. Stars...never-endin'.



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