Alvin/Unstop1: It's like a hole formin' out of nothin'--like Stargate or somethin'.  Bloodlust: ?Yeah. She knows how to make an entrance. Alvin/Unstop1: Who?  The lady in silver? Bloodlust: Her name's Mindmistress, Tin Man.Mindmistress: Hello there, Alvin. Alvin/Unstop1: You know me?  Even like...this? Mindmistress: Sure. You're Alvin Ness.  On Death Row for killing a policeman.  Appealing on grounds of mental incompetence.  Alvin/Unstop1: Until I...died.

Mindmistress: Well, that's odd. Alvin Ness--meet Alvin Ness. Forceful: Plus another comatose, mentally handicapped prisoner-- with nine more to come.  Mindmistress: Lorelei told you that you weren't dead. Dr. Catastrophe lied.Mindmistress: See?  Breathing. Alvin/Unstop1: But how can he be breathing--when he's me--and I'm here-- Mindmistress: Oh, I think you're really there, Alvin.  I think you're all operating by--remote control.



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