Alvin/Unstop1: But I feel...well...I don't feel...anything. Mindmistress: Exactly. You're not in there. I'm going to try to...put you back where you belong. Alvin: Takin' us from th'prison?Mindmistress: Prison hospital. A special ward. And let's just say...for the next few won't be missed.  They'll look where your body was...and still think they see you.

Mindmistress: See what looks like a mosquito bite?  It's on every one of your necks. There's a tiny device buried there.  It's what did this. Alvin/Unstop1: Can you undo...whatever. Mindmistress: Maybe.Alvin/Unstop1: So I'll alive again? Taste, smell, feel? Mindmistress: Maybe. I'll need time, though.  If your friends' arrival causes earthquakes--volcanoes--I'll mess up.  Bloodlust: Good strategy.  Delay. Distract.  Then...destroy.



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