Alvin/Unstop1: You really think just them comin' up will cause a...volcano?  Mindmistress: The two of you caused an earthquake.  Not just a volcano--nine similar masses more'd trigger a supervolcano.Mindmistress (Caption): Indonesia would be wiped out. India---China--Asia--smothered in ash. Tidal waves would swamp pacific shores--volcanid ash would ground air travel for months.  A volcanic winter is formed...

Mindmistress: Maybe triggering a new ice age...Alvin/Unstop1: Enough!  Our bodies'd die, right? Mindmistress: Like spoiled bitchy teens in a slasher movie.  Plus billions more. Alvin: Enough. I'll call 'em--warn 'em away.Alvin/Unstop1: Guys! Stay where y'are!  Unstop3: Alvin? Alvin: We're not dead! I'm lookin' at our bodies. They're asleep, but they're breathin'. You'll accidentally kill us all if yousurface!  Unstop3: Not...dead??



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