Mindmistress: Turn him over.  I'll test the transmitting unit.  Forceful: Remote-controlled neutronium robots?   Anti-gravity?  This is far-out, even for you.  What're you fighting? Mindmistress: The truth?  Technology from a parallel reality--Mindmistress: --Thousands of years advanced over our own.  Forceful: Aw, c'mon!  Mindmistress: Right, right.  Who'd believe that? Bloodlust (Capt.): I'm having a bad day.  I've finally been caught by my pursuer--now seemingly forgotten.

Forceful: If the technology's that advanced, can even you reverse this--? Mindmistress: I'm going to try-- Bloodlust (Caption): So the fate of civilization depends on how well she can McGyver unknown super-science?  Fat chance..Unstop2: If she fails-- Alvin/Unstop1: We'll snap 'em in two--get the rest of the guys up here.  Even Strong Guy's no match for us.  Bloodlust (Capt.): They've forgotten me too.  Their mistake.



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