Harold: Wow. Took me hours to dig you out! Bloodlust: Th-thanks. Harold: That lady who called my cell--she must be your guardian angel! Bloodlust: Maybe. Help me to your jeep--woozy--dizzy--Bloodlust : Huh? What? Harold: You passed out, Dude! Bloodlust: You're kidding. Dr. Archer: I set up a field hospital for vicims of the quake. You were running out of air in there. You'll be fine.

Forceful/Dan Bowman: Dr. Archer, let me speak to our security expert ---alone. Dr. Archer: Sure. I'll check my other patients-- Forceful: You're looking better.  Bloodlust: Can't say the same. You were looking more...Forceful.Bloodlust: Can't expose me--I'll talk-- Bowman/Forceful: Saying what?? 'Famous, spinal-damaged ex-movie star becomes superhuman'?  Who'd believe you?  Bloodlust: *Sigh* Right. Now what? Forceful: Nothing. Steed and I've arranged air transport. Go. Bloodlust: What??



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