Bloodlust: You and Bowman're providing my getaway?  Steed/Tidal Wave: We have a--mutual friend--who's provided a private jet. A wanted felon working for us? Terrible publicity.  Bloodlust: Lyons--doesn't know? Steed: No.Bloodlust Crazy. Aiding an abetting the escape of a terrorist-flash-felon? Became an accessory? Could he be...grateful? Realize I really did save the... Mindmistress: Excuse this seat taken?

Bloodlust: Yahhhh! Oh, no...what'ere you doing here? Mindmistress: Why not? It's my jet. Bloodlust: You're Steed and Bowman's 'mutual friend'? Of course you are... Mindmistress: Listen, Bloodletter--you know this had to end--right?Mindmistress: You've casually murdered hundreds--probably thousands.  We're not Batman and the Joker. Superman and Lex Luthor. The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. This is our last encounter.  Bloodlust's...done.



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