Like many of my vehicles, my hypersonic jet's...mutable. Now it's changing back to its own shape. We're the only two living beings in it. There's no help coming, Bloodless.Bloodlust : I did what you didn't have the guts to do! Those eleven're better off dead..and that mute kid too!  Mindmistress: You've a positive genius for saying the wrong thing.

Bloodlust: They were mentally handicapped.  Many people'd choose death over...'loss of brain function'. I would.  Bloodlust (Caption): Keep talking while I use my sleeve's spring-loaded eyes. Vulnerable lower face.Bloodlust:  ...Ripe for carving. Plunge it through the ey...reach that brilliant, mocking brain beneath.  Never leave me an opening.  It's not, after all, like I have a lot to lose...



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