Bloodlust: Eeyagghhh!!! Mindmistress: Let's remove the dressing... Bloodlust : Dr. Archer--Bowman--they  let you do this when I was unconscious! Mindmistress: Yep.  They're all scatered in your bloodstrea--attached themselves to key nerves-- Bloodlust: What??Mindmistress (Caption): Nanomachines. I've been studying Mooswing's belt--and these nanites emulate her abilities--albeit more narrowl. They only pick up pain you've caused--amplifying it.  No other sensation. Bloodlust (Caption): Just...pain??

Mindmistress (Caption): Your entire life you've been a soldier, assassin or mercenary. You've never had a job where hurting others isn't a possibility. Indeed, unlike others, you enjoyed it.  A sadistic sociopath.Bloodlust: Now--everything I've worked for--tained for--I can't do--without causing more harm to--myself.  Mindmistress: Exactly.  Bloodlust's done. Don't run over dogs or torture cats, either.  Animals hurt, too!



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