Bloodlust: Where are we landing? Mindmistress:  Small herbal farm in South Carolina. Bloodlust :  That woman---that hair-- Mindmistress: Michelle Dove--Moodswing. Minus her emotion-contorlling belt. Bloodlust: She's a farmer? Mindmistress: Plants don't trigger her...empathy.Bloodlust: I'll train an army of mercenaries... Mindmistress: Um. You always could've done that. But...your armor's extremely costly.  Your equipment's customized.  Nobody could afford to make an army of Bloodlusts.

Moodswing: Wolf. B-been a while. Bloodlust: Michelle.  You okay? I heard... Moodswing: I ran screaming from a hospital? We're federal fugitives. I hid from people--emotions--else you'd be enslave--by others' desires.Moodswing: She eventually found me---put me up here. Bloodlust: What?  But--why?   Mindmistress: Her empathic nature would just make her a constant victim in Federal prison. So would your amplified pain-sharing.

Bloodlust: You can't keep me here... Mindmistress: You're free to go.  To get caught...helpless to fight--or you can stay--help the one woman who understands you.  Who needs you. Your choice.



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