Moodswing: So glad to have someone to talk to--- Bloodlust (Caption): Yeah, I stayed.  Yeah I could still cause Mindmistress grief--by proxy.  By hiring assassins.  Still...somehing she said before leaving--Bloodlust (Caption): 'Microbes won't trigger your pain-amplification.  Too small.  No nervous system similar to ours.  So you can use disinfectant.'  Great. But what about things in between?  What about...mosquitoes?

Bloodlust (Caption): Do I dare to swat it?  If I do, will I scream in unimaginable agony?  Fry my nervous system?  Die with my heart stopping, and my body going into shock?Bloodlust (Caption): I don't know. Can I step on an ant? Squash a beetle?  She knows.  If I have her killed, I may never know--until it's too late.  Help.



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