Bloodlust (Capt.): So...visitors, huh? Lorelei: Stupid phone.  Sorry, Alvin. Should've never told Daddy that the pet store would be closed for plumping repairs this coming week...he means well...kinda.Lyons: Lorelei, how'd you like to go to Sumatra?  Lorelei: Where's that? Lyons: Indonesia. Lorlei: Not helping... Lyons: Islands in the pacific.  Vanessa, Dylan, and I are checking on a documentary we're sponsoring.  Bloodlust (Capt.): They'll need additional security...

Vanessa Lyons: Well? Is she coming?  Steed: When you told Lorlei her 'uncle' Dylan would be along... Lyons: She's coming.  Lake Toba better be as beautiful as you say... Steed: More beautiful.  Bloodlust (Caption): Wait. Those names...Bloodlust: Ezekiel Lyons?  Vanessa Lyons?  Lorelei Lyons?  Les: Lyons power's an important sponsor...also good friends with steed, another sponsor. Bowman: Is there a problem? Bloodlust: No. No...problem.  Just...recognized the name.



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