Bloodlust (Capt.): Okay.  Don't panic. There's lots of peole in Bowman's traditionally styas in the shadows.  I just avoid direct contact with the Lyons. Still...doublecheck the van.Bloodlust (Capt.): Here my Bloodlust armor and equipment's kept charged and in readiness.  Including some updates since my last fight with Mindmistress. Plus some new weapons.  Just in case I'm identified.

Bloodlust (Caption): This armband, for instance...and the field it generates.  I wish I had it when I first fought Mindmistress. Back when Lyons first hired me. Before his...hindsight scruples.Bloodlust (Caption): Or this weapon.  One of Mirmir's institute's last before she shut them down.  After St. Cassandra...after blowing off her boyfriend's head in front of that retard, Lorelei.



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