Bloodlust (Capt.): 'Course I'll go to Hell for killing the retard's silent squeeze...along with several hundred others. Hell. Heh.  What a fairy tale. Unstoppable1: Think the others're okay?  Unstoppable2: Stuck in Hell?Bloodlust (Capt.): I remember sniggering at Sunday School.  Hell. Heaven. Riiight. Lost souls roasting down below.  Bro-ther. Unstoppable1: Sure this's the right way, Alvin? Unstoppable2/Alvin: I'm not sure of nothin'.  We're lost. Lost!

Bloodlust (Caption): How ignorant did they think I was? To swallow that? Unstoppable2/Alvin: I do know we're gettin' higher an' higher...we'll ge there.  Unstoppable1: Then what? Unstoppable2/Alvin: We'll give th'others th' go-ahead...Bloodlust (Caption): The sheep can cower before imaginary demons.  My fears are real.  Unstoppable2/Alvin: Then? Payback time.  Everyone who laughed at us--they'll be sorry!  Especially that smug, stuck-up...Lorelei Lyons.



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