Forceful: Phil, you'll pull through this-- Mindmistress: Forceful--Dan--you can't promise that-- Tryon: Dan--I'm a doctor.  I know when someone's dying--especially when it'  The  townspeople, though--save them.Forceful: He'll pull through!! I won't let him die---he practically raised me-- Mindmistress: I'll do everything I can, but-- Tryon: --But unless you want me to die for nothing--move!!

Mindmistress: Go ahead.  Aid the others.  I'll stay with him---do everything humanly possible-- Forceful: You better.  Tryon: Interesting near-death hallucination.  Paralyzed actor Dan Bowman leaping tall buildings with a single bound--Tryon: --And mentally challenged Lorelei Lyons-- is now an ultra-intellecual iron maiden.  Voice and eye color changes too-- Mindmistress: Not a hallucination or fantasy-- Tryon: Or I wouldn't be dying, right?



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