Tryon:  Should you be...helping him?  Mindmistress: Not yet.  The tide's turning.  And after lying passive and paralyzed--Dan needs this.  Tryon: What of the townspeople?  Tell me they're safe.Mindmistress: They're fine for the most part.  Encased in my robots like a shell--each one as strong and protected as I am.  This won't be another Rwanda-- or Darfur.

Tryon:  What did you do to---Dan?  That leap?: Mindmistress: His strength's been multiplied a hundredfold--his speed tenfold.  --And his spinal difficulties are repaired. Temporarily.  Tyron: What happens--afterwards?  Mindmistress: Hallucinations.  Madness.Mindmistress:  But we'll change him back--before...Tryon: *Cough* *Cough*  Mindmistress: You're coughing up blood. Relax.  Don't try to talk so much... Tryon: I'll be quiet enough...presently.  Funny.  Just a few weeks ago...



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