Tryon (Caption):  --I was in the States, ready and rested... Leo Bowman: I wish he'd get here. Lucy Bowman: Relax, Leo, he'll be here soon... Dan Bowman: Listen to Lucy, bro. Part of being an Albert Schweitzer-type medical missionary....Dan: --Is meeting with people to raise funds--and that can take a while... Cassie Lewis-Kawn: We were almost late.  Lorelei: The stupid bus was late...sorry. Cassie: I think that's their rental pulling up... Dan: Hi Cassie...Lori.  Lorelei: Lorelei. Dan: Sorry, Lorelei.

Ally Bowman: Well, how are the newlyweds?  Lucy: Great, Mrs. Bowman!  Leo: Heyyy, Mom.  Lucy: C'mere you...mmmmwah!  Dan: Is Phil parking the car, Mom?  How did the fundraising meeting go?DAn Bowman: About time we saw the distinguished Dr. Tryon-- Leo: Hey, Phil!  Tryon: Leo!  How's married life?  Leo: Good. Really good.  Tryon: Dan..I'm so sorry about your... Dan: Me too.  Ally Bowman:'re looking...better.



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