Tryon:  Dan, sorry I didn't return after your accident-- Dan Bowman: You're an eye surgeon--specializing in cataract removal.   Keeping those in poverty from going blind.  What could you have done--here?Dr. T--you can't help everyone... Tryon: I know, Lorelei--but after Dan used part of the money he got from the 'Ultimate' movies--to expand--update--our Niegerian training hospital-clinic....

Ally Bowman: Well, he knew our hospitital was the only one doing cataract surgery or my speciality, cesarian sections--in a hundred square miles.  Lorelei: So why leave?  We've trained Nigerian doctors...Tryon: We're needed more elsewhere.  Lucy: So...Dan's fake heroics paid for... Leo: ...Something really heroic.  Tryon: 'Heroic'?  Heroic is struggling against desparate poverty day in and out.   This is just...common decency.



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